An easy way to read and recite Quran    اقرا قرآن في طريق آسون    
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Asoon Alphabet for Reading Quran:
There are close to 1.5 billion Muslims live in more than 170 countries around the world and only less than 1/3 of them read and write in Arabic.  Muslims are expected to recite Quran in its original Arabic text in which Translation or Transliteration system would not satisfy its purpose. Asoon is a great tool for reading Quran to its closest recitation possible by those who are Muslim and are not familiar with Arabic alphabet.

Asoon alphabet is an alternative, not a substitution.  Asoon alphabet is not meant to substitute, replace, modify, or change Arabic alphabet.  It is mainly created as an alternative to help a non-Arab base alphabet speaker to learn to read Quran faster and to recite it easier.

Lets eliminate the discrepancy of pronunciation between " Quran" and "Koran", " Muhammad" and " Mohammad", "Muslim" and "Moslem".  Let's not get confused of seeing "Isfahan" and reading it: "Esfehan".  Let's do it the easy way: the Asoon way!


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